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Slate Cheeseboard Set

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Have you ever been unsure about which cheese was which? Well, with the Slate Cheeseboard Set, you can label your cheese so that your guests can choose with confidence. The set includes a slate cheeseboard, a cheese knife, and chalk. Diameter: 25 cm. (10"). 

Serving tip:
Don't buy too many cheeses; four should be plenty, and always try to get a good mixture of flavours and textures. Always arrange your cheese with the mildest at 6 o'clock, the next mildest at 9 o'clock, and so on. In addition, grapes, celery, figs, and apples are a great accompanient to cheese, cleansing the palate between flavours.

  • Worth 100 little helper points

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Placeholder Slate Cheeseboard Set
Slate Cheeseboard Set
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